Q-See QT4760-16E4-1 16 Channel CIF/D1 Security Surveillance System with High-Resolution 700 TVL Cameras and 1 TB Hard Drive (Black/White)

Real-time CIF resolution provides a smaller, smooth flowing image to save space on the hard drive. D1 provides a larger, detailed image to better identify people and objects.View larger The easy-to-use interface, along with the accompanying mouse and remote, make moving through the menus a breeze.View larger See the quality 700 TV lines of resolution

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Real-time CIF resolution provides a smaller, smooth flowing image to save space on the hard drive. D1 provides a larger, detailed image to better identify people and objects.
View larger The easy-to-use interface, along with the accompanying mouse and remote, make moving through the menus a breeze.
View larger See the quality 700 TV lines of resolution has to offer.
View larger Sixteen Channels of High Resolution Surveillance

Easily monitor almost every angle with this Q-See 16 channel, 16 camera surveillance system. Strategically place each of the high resolution, 700TVL cameras and feel confident knowing that a quality system is watching over all the corners of your small business even when you can’t be around. Watch the front entrance, back entrance, and stockroom all at once. Even in home situations, this system prevails with its ability to be where you can’t. A quality Q-See systems lets you see the front door so you can see when your package arrives as well as the backyard to make sure Fido hasn’t dug a hole under the fence again. Home or business, day or night, this Q-See surveillance system offers peace of mind system.

DVR with Premium Features

At the center of the system is the enterprise-ready QT4760 DVR. This premium surveillance solution offers an HDMI for easy connection to an HD monitor. The integrated startup wizard makes configuring the system fast and effortless. With customizable viewing options and recording modes, this DVR makes surveillance a unique experience.

High Resolution Camera Set

The eyes of this system are 16 versatile cameras. Each camera delivers superior image quality for a superior surveillance. A total of 36 infrared LEDs allow each camera to see up to 100 ft in the dark for continued protection well into the night. Each camera also has a fixed 4.6 mm lens for a 50°-55° field of view.

Remote Monitoring Via Free Apps

Always stay connected when Q-See puts peace of mind right at your fingertips with free apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone. Check in on the system when it’s convenient from a smartphone or tablet. This DVR can also be setup to send out email alerts when one of the cameras detects motion. Q-See systems and apps offer convenience and portability by providing access and control over the system and its video while away.

Key Features Complete system for fast and easy setup16 channel DVR with real-time CIF (352 x 240) and D1 (704 x 480) resolution16 high resolution cameras with 700 TV Lines and 36 LEDS for 100 ft of night visionCameras with 4.6 mm lens for a 50°-55° field of viewWeatherproof cameras for indoor and outdoor use60ft of standard BNC cable for each cameraHDMI port for high Resolution wiewing options (16 BNC Inputs, 2 RCA Inputs / 1 VGA Output, 1 HDMI Output, 1 BNC Output, 1 RCA Output) Remote monitoring via free apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone 7.5/8PC and Mac compatibility (Windows 7/8/XP/Vista and Mac OSX 10.7/10.8)Email alerts with incident snapshotsConvenient backup via PC, flash drive, or USB hard driveDVR offers 3 recording modes for customizable recording: manual, motion detection, and timedFree multi-sytem Software for connecting multiple QT Series DVRsTo easily pinpoint an event, this DVR allows you to search recorded video by time and motion detection eventPre-Installed 1TB Hard Drive (2TB HDD Max)Includes: 16 channel DVR, 16 cameras with 700TVL resolution, 16 60 ft BNC cables, HDMI cable, USB mouse, remote control, and CD-ROM with user’s manual and software

Product Features

  • Includes 16 High-Resolution Weatherproof Cameras with 700 TV Lines of Resolution
  • Each camera provides up to 100 feet of night vision
  • Comes with a Pre-installed 1 TB Hard Drive
  • Remote Internet monitoring (up to 10 users at the same time)
  • Stream Live Video Directly to a remote MAC/PC/iPhone/iPad/Android. Receive email alerts upon motion detection.


almosthappy says:

Solid system with good image quality for a reasonable price I tested out two systems from Q-SEE. This one and the . They are at very different price points – this one currently at $700 and the other currently at $2000. Here, I will try to outline some of the differences between these systems. Even though they are at such different price points, hopefully this will help people sort out which type of system will be best for them.Some key differences:* To start, the QT718 is a much higher quality system with with HD cameras and full HD capacity. This make for much more precise image quality.* The QT4760 includes a 16-channel 704×480 DVR with a 1 TB hard drive, while the QT718 includes an 8-channel HD DVR with a 2 TB hard drive* The QT4760 includes 8 high resolution cameras with 100 ft of night vision…

Soccer Mom says:

Impressive Infrared Night Images If you are looking for an all-in-one-package instant security system, this is a good way to go. It comes with 8 cameras and a DVR. Q-See makes it very easy to setup with a quick setup guide and a “wizard” program on the DVR. All I had to do was hookup the DVR to a standard computer monitor and I was in business. The cameras come with very long cords that connect to the DVR and to a power source (one source for each 4 cameras), so the main effort isn’t getting the system up and running, but rather the more thoughtful job of figuring out where to physically put each camera and its cord. These cameras are impressive, providing good images even without much light. They automatically switch to their own infrared light source when there’s not enough external light. They are weatherproof and the infrared feature means you can use them night and day even outside.The DVR comes with a mouse, and an on-screen keyboard appears whenever you need it to fill in data on the…

SS says:

One Major flaw: Securely logging in remotely. Just for full disclosure, I am an IT professional for 17 years.I bought this system early this year and, after nearly a year of usage, I figured now would be a good time to submit a review. I bought this for indoor use, essentially a blatantly obvious nanny cam. I set up 12 cameras throughout the (my rented) apartment. The initial setup was a pain in the butt, I had to spread all 16 cams, cables, power supplies, etc. out on the floor and connect it all. Why? because the last thing you want to do is install the entire system, snake all the cabling through and then find out something doesn’t work. Specifically, the cable(s). Thankfully everything but one cable worked fine.The recordings work well, the quality is solid, not great. The night vision is extremely sensitive, so if you don’t have enough room light it will constantly pop on and off. The physical configuration menu, using the mouse connected to the DVR is ABSOLUTELY HORRID. Too hard to navigate to…

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