LaserShield BSK-0013101 Home Security System

Product Features Starter kit with wireless burglar alarm Plug-and-go usability–ideal for homes, apartments, offices, and more Up to 12 detection units can be added to one master unit Protects up to 1,200 square feet with each detection unit Emergency response available 24/7 (additional fees apply) Related Products6pc Home Security SystemFortress Security Store (TM) Motion Detector

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D. MCGUE says:

I really own it, use it and give honest reviews I’ve read the reviews for LaserShield and noted that many are skeptical of some of the reviewers, writing that they have been “planted” or paid by LaserShield. Some say the positive reviews are from people who don’t even have one, and that the reviews are from persons who never made a review on before. I can assure you, I DO own one, and I have for years. You can also check my other reviews by clicking on the link (“See all my reviews”) on this review and you will see that I have reviewed numerous products over the year. Now on to my review . . .I live in Hawaii. We have jalouise windows. These are extremely common in Hawaii. They consist of horizontal slats, with each slot about four inches wide. They can be removed very easily. Traditional alarm systems would not be effective with these type windows. But, a motion activated alarm is PERFECT!Some reviewers noted that the sensors are large and easily observable, so if a person moves in…

Martyn A. Roach says:

lasershield = “laserdud” I read the ad and purchased the system through Costco since they have a rep for an excellent price/value relationship.Rating the unit-Set-up = A. easy to read and follow instructionsComponents = D.a).Transmitters are physically large in relation to their function/operation. They are easy to spot by intuders.b). base station. Alarm signal is loud enough to be anuisance. Perhaps it was designed to incapacitate intruders through laughter.c). Sensitivity = FI placed the 2 sensors in logical locations and “broke into” my own house with the system armed. I assumed that the intruder would come during the day. Any intruder with half a brain would see the sensors – they have a big red LED on the front.Sadly, I was able to get by the sensors and gain access to all of the house by using very slow deliberate movements. It bears mentioning that I am 6’5″ 250 lbs and that I moved within 5′ of…

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