Q-See QT5680-8E4-1 8 Channel Full D1 Security Surveillance System with 8 High-Resolution 700 TVL Cameras and 1 TB Hard Drive (Gray/Black)

View the quality images of the included high resolution cameras in real-time D1(704×480) resolution. D1 resolution offers a larger, more detailed image that is 4x the size of conventional CIF resolution.View larger The easy to use interface, along with the accompanying mouse and remote, make moving through the menus a breeze.View larger See the quality

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View the quality images of the included high resolution cameras in real-time D1(704×480) resolution. D1 resolution offers a larger, more detailed image that is 4x the size of conventional CIF resolution.
View larger The easy to use interface, along with the accompanying mouse and remote, make moving through the menus a breeze.
View larger See the quality 700 TV lines of resolution has to offer.
View larger The Convenience Of Clarity Coupled With High Resolution

Imagine being able to check in on your home while you’re away on vacation. Or, imagine being able to see what is happening in the back storage room of your restaurant while you sit in the front, all from just your smartphone. With the Q-See QT5680-8E4-1 bundle, there is no need to imagine, since all these features and more are standard. The eight included high resolution cameras not only let you see what is happening, they also offer clear and crisp images at 700 TV lines of resolution. And, with an array of remote monitoring features, this system keeps you updated at all times. Receive instant email alerts when motion is detected based on predetermined settings or when one of the cameras loses video. Trust Q-See to always keep you connected to what matters the most.

Full D1 Resolution DVR

The Q-See QT5680 is the surveillance solution with noticeable clarity. With support for a total of eight cameras, the QT5680 surveillance DVR offers smooth flowing D1 recording resolution, four times the size and clarity of conventional CIF, which ensures footage appears in real-time. To fully take advantage of this system’s superb quality, the DVR includes an HDMI port for high resolution viewing options. With an array of standard features that keep you connected, this eight-channel DVR gives you peace of mind and flexibility when it comes to a security solution. The QT5680 keeps you connected regardless of where you are located with its premium remote monitoring features. Receive email alerts with incident snapshots when motion is detected or when the hard drive runs out of recording space. Easily check up on property from just a computer or compatible mobile device. In addition to impressive remote monitoring features, this system is capable of extensive multi-tasking. Simultaneously record, watch video, back up video, and remotely monitor all with the processing power of one DVR.

High Resolution Camera Set

The eyes of this system are eight versatile cameras. Each camera delivers superior image quality for a superior surveillance solution. A total of 36 infrared LEDs allow each camera to see up to 100 feet in the dark for continued protection well into the night. Each camera also has a large 1/3″ image sensor and a fixed 4.6mm lens for a 50°-55° field of view. All-metal housing makes them weatherproof, so no matter the weather, these high quality cameras will continue to stand guard.

Remote Monitoring Via Apps

Always stay connected when Q-See puts peace of mind right at your fingertips with free apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone. Check in on the system when it’s convenient from just a smartphone or tablet. This DVR can also be set up to send out email alerts when one of the cameras detects motion. Q-See systems and apps offer convenience and portability by providing access and control over the system and its video while you are away.

Key Features

Fast and easy setup8-channel DVR with real-time D1 resolution (704 x 408)30FPS recording on all channelsFour high resolution cameras with 700TV lines of resolution and 36 LEDs for 100ft of night visionCameras with 4.6mm lens for a 50°-55° field viewWeatherproof cameras for indoor and outdoor use60ft standard BNC cables for each cameraHDMI port for high resolution viewing options (8 BNC Inputs, 2 RCA Audio Inputs/ 1 VGA Output, 1 HDMI Output, 1 BNC Output, 1 RCA Audio Output)Remote monitoring via free apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone 7.5/8Compatible with Mac and PC (Windows 7/8/XP/Vista and Mac OSX 10.7/10.8)Email alerts with incident snapshotsConvenient backup via PC, flash drive, or USB hard driveDVR offers 3 recording modes for customizable recording: manual, motion detection, and timedFree multi-system software for connecting to multiple QT series DVRSTo easily pinpoint an event, this DVR allows you to search recorded video by time and motion detection eventPre-installed 1TB hard drive (2TB HDD Max)


8-channel DVREight cameras with 700TVL resolutionEight 60ft BNC cablesHDMI cableUSB mouseRemote controlCD-ROM with user’s manual and software

Product Features

  • Includes 8 High-Resolution Weatherproof Cameras with 700 TV Lines of Resolution
  • Each camera provides up to 100 feet of night vision
  • Comes with a Pre-installed 1 TB Hard Drive
  • Remote Internet monitoring (up to 10 users at the same time)
  • Stream Live Video Directly to a remote MAC or PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android. Receive email alerts upon motion detection.


Stanners says:

This is the one. Lots of research – purchased – not disappointed Q-See did a great job here. I was scared of throwing away hundreds on garbage so I spent days reviewing DVRs and cameras (BTW I notice there is a (assuming) competitor of Q-See that writes all-caps bad reviews on other QSee products–look at his/her comments and the wording is all the same, copy paste on multiple items with no specifics).The software interface is a breath of fresh air, very clean, not just on the box menu system itself, but through the web interface as well. I am using Chrome and it is working great. Remote viewing of my home security cameras, good to go. Some of the options available on the DVR are really nice. One example is the very well designed screen to block out areas you don’t want to trigger the record-on-motion-detected.Instructions are written by a native English speaker (can’t take that for granted nowadays). The instructions for getting the system connected for remote access are thorough and cover both UPnP and DMZ for the router…

John Keitz says:

A Professional Grade Security Camera System for Your Home! Rarely am I this blown away by a product! To begin with, it isn’t exactly easy to install. Be prepared for some planning and drilling, since the cameras are all wired, but it is all worth it. The DVR is nearly silent, so you can place it just about anywhere. I used an old computer monitor with it, but it has an HDMI output, so you could just connect it to your TV. After setting that up (which is super easy), you need to mount the cameras. The tilt and pan camera is amazing. Once you mount it, you can control it even with the smartphone apps (I used the iPhone one). The other cameras mount in a fixed position, so I put the pan and tilt in the center of my main living area, placing the fixed ones down the hall, and one outside facing the driveway (yes they’re weatherproof!). After setting up the system, I decided to play with the clarity and night vision. If you’ve seen Ghost Hunters, you know what you’re working with. What amazed me was the clarity of the night vision. I…

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