4GB Smoke Detector Hidden Spy Camera DVR with motion detection

Includes: 1 x Smoke Detector Hidden Color Camera DVR Spy Alarm 1 x 4GB TF Card 1 x Remote Control 1 x USB cable 1 x User Manual 1 x Box Product Features Motion Activated Auto Recording! (3 to 4 meter range) 720×480 resolution / 30 fps / 2 megapixel Records for 2 hours continuously

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milehibear says:

good and bad first the bad: the instructions are hard to read and follow. nothing it tells you to do is correct. i found out things on a hit and miss basis. with the card they send i was able to get about 1 hour of recorded video. went to an 8 gb and got about 2 hours. finally went up to a 16gb and can get up to 4 hours of recorded video. just got a 32gb to go up to 8 hours but it wont download onto my computer like the others. so dont know if it has 32gb capacity and nowhere on the instructions does it say. so will keep trying it and see if it works. also, cant get the motion part of it to work, yet. will keep trying. but i do find i have to recharge it every day for about 4-6 hours. guess thats not a bad thing since it doesnt interfere with anything else i am doing on the computer.the good: when it is fully charged, it works quite well. can get up to 4hrs and 20min. of video. picture quality is better than i expected even in semi-low light. am able to see building…

J. Hersh "Hersh" says:

Better be smart enough to figure it out on you own 0

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