Spy Finder

The Spyfinder is used to locate hidden cameras. You hold the viewing lens over your eye and press the power button. A red light flashes at a certain frequency and will reflect from the lens of a hidden camera. The spy finder will find Hidden cameras only not camcorders or security cameras. Product Features Easily

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ChillyLos says:

It works but…. I purchased this item from another site. It works by reflecting red light off of the lens of a hidden camera. The hidden camera len looks like a tiny red dot through the len of the Spyfinder Camera Detector.Pros:Identifies wireless and wired hidden cameras.Easy to use.Small and easily stowed.Relatively economical ($80-110) compared to some other similar devices.Cons:The reflection it creates off of the hidden camera is not as bright, i.e visible, as the product site advertises. The reflection is bright enough to identify but its not as glaringly obvious as I expected. I think an inexperience user could miss a really small hidden camera if they don’t scan the room in a deliberate and organized fashion.The lens of the Spyfinder is sort of small. After scanning a 12×12 room my eyes were tired. To use it you have to close one eye and squint the other eye while looking through the Spyfinder len.Overall, I think…

James L. Dondanville "JDShowcase" says:

Let it be shown 0

pauldecarlo says:

Junk. Just reflects various surfaces. Tried in the dark and light. Worthless 0

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