Sandisk MicroMate SD / SDHC Memory Card Reader (Static Pack, New, SDDR-113)

MicroMate for Secure Digital Cards supports SD and SDHC / Compact in design / Perfect as an extra set to carry around in your briefcase, purse, or keychain. Comes with protective cap. Brand New – each unit packaged in a Special Anti-Static Protective bag. Product Features Brand New, Sandisk MicroMate SD / SDHC Reader SDDR-113

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Klondike Kid says:

Great little unit for memory cards 0

Richard Di Tieri, Rd "Rich DiTieri" says:

Works like a card reader should. 0

R. Martinez says:

Pretty good…if you’re using a powered USB hub Over the year and a half of having this I’ve found out a pattern to using this that may interest some people. If you connect the reader directly to a USB port on an iMac you will have reliability issues. The drive will unexpectedly disconnect and reconnect randomly. If you connect this reader directly to a Windows PC’s USB port similar symptoms will arise though the speed of the data transfers and just loading the contents in a Windows Explorer window is noticeably slow. Once loaded the data appears quickly until the reader decides to slow down again, which is every couple of minutes. The reason for this is because the reader isn’t getting enough power. Believe it or not there’s not enough power on the powered USB ports directly on a PC to power this reader.The way to solve this problem is to plug the reader into a powered USB hub. I have a couple Kensington Dome USB 2.0 Hubs here and the reader works fine plugged into one of them. Despite my microSDHC cards being Class 2,…

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