Swann Dummy ADS-180 Imitation Security Camera

SWANN SWADS-180DUM-GL ADS-180 Dummy Camera Product Features Dummy Camera Identical To The Real Thing Mount To Walls Or Ceilings Visible Deterrent Related ProductsMasione Simulated Surveillance Cameras – New Wireless IP Camera Security Surveillance fake Dummy IR LED cameras – Night/Day Vision Look Bullet CCD CCTV Imitation Dummy Camera – Weatherproof bullet housing, multiple Flashing Blinking

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Simba says:

Look genuine 0

GeorgiaGeekGuy says:

A high quality metal camera body that looks real. Not a flimsy plastic contraption. A high quality metal camera body that looks real. Not a flimsy plastic contraption.Pros:This is a REAL metal camera (minus the electronic guts). Cannot be distinguished from the real thing.Identical in looks to real SWAN cameras.Real cable, so you can ‘wire it up’ realistically if desired.Came with several Swan ‘security’ stickers, IF you want to place on your windows.NO blinking LED lights (REAL cameras don’t do that; blinking red almost always means ‘fake’ to a crook!)Easy to adjust to point to any angle.Cons:Screws were cheap quality and the heads nearly stripped when screwing them in. You may or may not need to substitute your own.I recommend mixing ‘fake’ cams like these among real ones, if possible. The crooks won’t know which are live and which are not. The use of the window stickers is up to you; Swan makes many actual security systems, so the stickers might be a good deterrent…

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