Q-See QSM30D Dome Decoy Camera

This Dome Decoy (Non-Operational) Camera can be mounted to create the illusion of a real surveillance camera. The decoy camera features a blinking light to provide a realistic effect of an infrared LED light. Product Features Realistic Light Effect of Infrared LEDs (Battery Required) 3-Axis Bracket for Flexible Installation Related ProductsUniquExceptional UDC6 Outdoor Dome Fake

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AMZN_FanBoi says:

Best decoy/dummy camera 0

John J. Bejshak says:

Very Pleased Let’s start with most dummy cams look fake.. now with that said and after looking at 59 pages for of security equipment on Amazon this Q-SEE dome cam is worth the money. This dome cam has a built in LED infer red sensor allowing the red light to only come on when you get to close to the camera; A blinking red light dose not exist on any real security cameras.You could also buy a real security camera and not connecting it – Q-SEE also makes real security cameras so this helps make it more real and from past experience they work as a good deterrent.I added an inexpensive screw on antenna making look more real and placement is also important. Most all dome security cameras have a plastic base, any real bullet type security camera is metal avoid plastic. In buying a plastic dome security camera other then Q-SEE leave the battery’s out. The bad guys knows that a security camera with a blinking red light are fake.Best is to buy a motion sensor there…

K. Lund says:

Realistic decoy camera 0

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